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Who we are:

FERME is a French voluntary association founded in 1990. Its name is the acronym for 'Fédération pour promouvoir l'Elevage des Races domestiques MEnacées' (Association for the Promotion of Endangered Domestic Breeds).

Originally based at Université Lyon I, our headquarters have now moved to Grézieux-le-Fromental in the Massif Central.

We are independent of any political, religious and administrative power. We receive no public or private subsidies so as to guarantee our full independence.

Our aim is to 'preserve rare domestic animal breeds as a socio-economic heritage and genetic stock, through the promotion of their natural distinctive qualities and the use of all available legal means'.

We are all volunteers of very different origins:

Since FERME has members in all parts of France, most of our work is done by mail, telephone and fax.

Nevertheless, we hold a monthly meeting either in LYON (9 rue Dumenge), or at a member's house, in the country.

Four times a month, we gather at one of our members' houses for the editorial work on our journal, Le Journal de Ferme. This is also a social occasion, with a guided visit of our hosts' farm and a good meal.

We are in contact with other associations and societies with aims similar or complementary to ours, in France and abroad.

Contact address

Association FERME

c/o Georges JOUVE

Le Bourg

42600 Grézieux-le-Fromental

email :



Our aims


When FERME was created, over 70 rare French domestic animal breeds were in danger of extinction. In order to rationalise breeding, agricultural authorities were thinking of limiting the number of breeds for each type of production to only one or two. The criteria for the selection of suitable breeds were set exclusively according to industrial requirements, and in complete contempt of local traditions. This meant,


Today, thanks to the devoted work of a number of individuals and associations (among which FERME), there is a growing interest in local breeds and their preservation.

What has changed over the past ten years:




Our actions

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